What are your prices?

Prices are split into tiers based on the list price of the property.  Please refer to our services page for specifics.

How many images do I get?

  We take as many as necessary to market the property well, generally between 20 and 50 images.  Prices are determined by list price of property.

How long until I get my images?  How are they shared?

Many images are returned same day but we strive to get images back within 24 hours of the shoot.  All images are shared via Google Drive shared folder.

How long until I get my video?  How are they shared?

Videos are typically completed within 72 hours.  They are shared via Youtube link.  An .mp4 file of your video can be purchased that is shared via Google Drive.

Can I purchase rights to use the images or videos on my website/marketing/social media even after the listing sells?

Yes, you can add rights to use images in perpetuity or purchase an .mp4 file of your video at the time of shoot or later in our services section.

Do you shoot in Lawrence, Manhattan, Kansas City, MyTown USA?  What is your travel charge?

Yes!  We are based out of Topeka but work in many communities in Northeast Kansas.  If you're near us you won't see a travel charge at all.  Travel charge is $1 per mile after the first 70 miles round trip, as measured from our offices which are just near I70 mile 357A Fairlawn entrance/exit.


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