Home Preparation Checklist


This list should help you prepare the property for the shoot and bring your listing out from the crowd:


Exterior :

  • Move vehicles from drive and away from the front of home.

  • Place trash barrels and anything not attached to the home in the garage or out of sight.

  • Cut grass and remove all weeds from cracks in concrete.

  • Clean windows and mirrors.

  • Remove the yard sign.

  • When possible, water the grass 4-5 hours prior to shooting.  Even a brown lawn will look better.


Kitchen :

  • Remove any Calendars.  Calendars make a listing dated if it goes over 30 days.

  • Clear all counter tops.  No scrubs, soap, knives or cutting boards.

  • Okay to leave 1-2 small appliances for size perception, but more than that can be distracting.

  • Clear the refrigerator completely.  No magnets, pictures, lists, etc.

  • Clean shiny appliances very well, dirty appliances will look smudged with flash cameras.

  • Remove trashcan from kitchen.


General :

  • Open all drapes and blinds on windows with a good view.  An exception would be baths and some bedrooms.

  • For security, remove any expensive artwork and firearms from view. Even if they are decorative.

  • Move or remove any furniture that obstructs windows.

  • Turn all ceiling fans OFF, they will create a motion blur in your photo and even video.

  • Turn all inside lights ON, this will help balance the light in most areas.

  • Turn all Televisions OFF and clean them very well.

  • Make beds and close closets. If you showcase a closet, do so separately if possible.

  • Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling when possible.

  • Remove ALL evidence of pets.  This includes litter boxes, pet food, and water/food bowls.

  • Remove rugs from floors, especially from tile or wood floors.

  • Conceal Cords! Unplug them from the wall if needed.

  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs.

  • No shoes by doors or anywhere.  Please place them in the closet.


Bathrooms :

  • Toilet lids should be down.

  • Clear the countertop from absolutely every item considered to be personal.

  • Remove cleaning brushes and trashcans.

  • Close shower curtains. If custom tiled bath, showcase with shower curtain halfopen.

  • Remove toilet paper from holder, or use a full roll. No partial rolls please.



While this list certainly isn't comprehensive, following it will help to set your listing apart from the crowd.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.


Photographer, Editor, Owner